Team First offers elite level sports training and skill development camps for youth and teens. We provide youth and teens an opportunity to enhance their athletic skills in a structured atmosphere. At Team First, individuals learn the fundamentals of the sport and position-specific techniques that will improve their game performance. Additionally, the importance of leadership, sportsmanship and academics are taught. We believe that sports, when used properly by compassionate professionals can transform a person's life for the good. Team First Camps focuses on position-specific training that combines key on-field and off-field elements, including situational practice sessions, scrimmages and instruction from high school and college coaches.

  • Camp Formats:

  • 1-3 Day Camps

    A full one-day youth camp held at a local high school or college campus.
  • The Challenge

    Invitation only camp for high school age players. The Challenges are held in the spring of the year at regional U.S. locations.
  • College Exposure Bus Tour

    Provides our elite high school players, the opportunity to showcase their talents for college coaches in a major university setting. The tour visits three to four major college campuses.
  • Skills Camp

    A weekly off-season skills program designed for youth and high school age players, held at various location facilities.
  • 3-Day Camps

    This is a 3-day overnight youth camp held on a college campus during summer school vacation.