Our mission at Team First is to build talented youth sports players into exceptional athletes and remarkable people. We do this through a combination of world-class athletic training, advanced academic tutoring, peer and adult mentoring, as well as character-building and leadership classes.

    T1 Champion Program

    During weekly classroom sessions student-athletes will be taught how to balance academic success, athletic competition, and personal growth along with student life. The T1 Champion Program represents the comprehensive commitment by Team First to foster the total growth and development of student-athletes.

    The mission of the T1 Champion Program is to promote student-athletes' ownership of their academic, athletic, career, family and community responsibilities. The T1 Champion Program is designed to focus on the comprehensive development of the student-athlete and to prepare student-athletes for the challenges of life beyond the playing field.

    The philosophy of the program is to address the student-athlete as a whole person, not just as a student or athlete. During the middle school and high school years, every student-athlete is confronted with a variety of developmental challenges. The program is designed to address these challenges. The T1 Champion Program provides a well-rounded, multi-perspective program for all student-athletes to develop the skills necessary to lead successful, productive lives, and become leaders of, and contributors to life.

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